PLM and ALM – strange but necessary bedfellows

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Standard [35 minutes]

Systems software is growing at an incredible pace as products in all walks of life are becoming smart devices. Software was once thought of as a simple part in a products Bill of Materials (BoM), much like a resistor or spring. When that was true, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems could afford to have rudimentary point to point integrations with various software development tools such as software configuration management tools for the publishing of software bits into the BoM.

Today, however, leading companies view software as a primary driver of innovation and differentiation in their products. They look at software as a critical architectural consideration during systems analysis and design. Software development can no longer be a black box process. ALM must become a natural extension of PLM with seamless, process based integration.

In this session, Matt Klassen will discuss the business value of better integrated PLM and ALM. He will present key processes and capabilities that should be satisfied in an ALM/PLM solution and practical tips and lessons learned in implementing such a solution.

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26 March 10:30 - 11:05
Back Bay


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