What ALM knowledge you should expect from CS graduates

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Standard [35 minutes]

One of the biggest problems facing a growing organization today is finding the right people to hire for their software development teams. As the demand continues to grow, companies are spending more time trying to find those people who can come up to speed quickly and contribute to a development team. This problem is magnified when hiring new college graduates who have minimal or no experience working on a product team.

In this talk we look at those ALM skills that students can learn in a university CS program and how this is realized in a particular set of course offerings. We suggest areas that you can expect graduates of the different programs to know and those skills you need to invest time and expense in developing in these graduates for your organization. We then offer some ideas on how to determine, during the hiring process, if a graduate has the right set of skills for you.

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27 March 15:00 - 15:35


ALM Connect
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