Building Mylyn 4.0

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Standard [35 minutes]

By placing developers at the center of the ALM equation, Mylyn has reshaped both the IDE and the Agile tools we use today. With over 80 publicly available Mylyn extensions exist available, the Mylyn frameworks and APIs are forming not only developer tooling, but also the foundations of the first open source ALM middleware layer. Come to this talk to learn what’s new in Mylyn 3.9 in terms of developer tools and integrations, and learn how you can reuse the Mylyn frameworks within Eclipse, Visual Studio, and even NetBeans. We’ll then take a look at how to embed Mylyn into server-side applications, and discuss the key changes to come on the path towards Mylyn 4.0.

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27 March 10:30 - 11:05


ALM Connect
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