From 1 RPM to 10,000 RPM -- ALM in the As-a-Service Age

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Standard [35 minutes]

Companies thinking in terms of 9-18 month delivery cycles are bringing a knife to the as-a-service era gunfight. The as-a-service world requires a new generation of tools and a new way of working that processes continuous feedback from users. You're probably already turning around better software at a faster pace then ever before, thanks to agile processes and CI. Take a deep breath, though, because your next application is going to be delivered as a hosted service and will likely depend on other hosted services provided by third parties. And if you use Platform as a Service, your development and runtime environment is also hosted by a third party. Effective delivery of software as a service demands different processes and tools. This type of environment embraces rapid failure as much as resounding success, as we harness CI, PaaS, and instrumentation to adjust course and realign investments in realtime. In this talk, we'll examine some of the methods CloudBees, its users, and partners employ to navigate the breakneck pace of the as-a-service world. Get ready to rumble!

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26 March 13:30 - 14:05


ALM Connect
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