RFC-193: Bringing CDI to the OSGi platform

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Standard [35 minutes]

CDI (Context and Dependency Injection) is the standardised dependency injection model in Java EE 6. The CDI-OSGi specification brings CDI to OSGi to publish and consume OSGi services.

The CDI-OSGi specification (RFC-193) introduces a way to use CDI in OSGi. This brings the ease-of-use of CDI to OSGi, and more importantly, brings the OSGi and Java EE worlds closer together. It allows seamless integration between standard CDI code and the OSGi service model. Other features include sending and observing EventAdmin events using CDI events. In this presentation you will get an overview of the possibilities of this new specification, including some in-depth discussion of difficulties in integrating the OSGi service lifecycle with CDI.

The speaker is a member of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group and works on the CDI-OSGi specification.

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26 March 13:30 - 14:05


OSGi DevCon
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