EMF Community, time for moving on Eclipse4 thanks to the Extended Editing Framework 2.0!

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Standard [35 minutes]

Since Juno, Eclipse4 is the default platform for the Eclipse Community. It's time for the project to think about migrating on this new base. This year, the Extended Editing Framework (EEF) project will propose its new stream 2.0. Among the new abilities of this version, the ease of creating modeling applications based on Eclipse4 will be a major feature for the Eclipse community.

This session will present the technical aspects of the new EEF version which will easily allow to use the Eclipse4 platform to create new generation EMF-based applications. Fully structured by OSGi services and independent from the presentation technology, this new version of EEF will show by demonstrations the way to quickly create modeling application using Eclipse4 as platform and JavaFX as rendering technology.

Finally, the conclusion of this session will discuss the transition of modeling applications to the web through projects like Orion...

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28 March 15:00 - 15:35


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