Google Analytics for Eclipse Plugins

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Standard [35 minutes]

It's always fun to see the download statistics for your plugin, but it is even more fun to see live who is actually using your plugin, how they installed it and where they are from.

Getting that up and running can require a lot of bandwidth and infrastructure but luckily there already exist a well known analytics service called Google Analytics that can do this for you with all the graphs and earth-plots you want - even animated.

We've implemented a plugin that utilizes Google Analytics to do all the heavy lifting of complex reporting and just leave it up to our plugins to setup and invoke a basic http request.

We will present the inner workings on how this Google Analytics Usage plugins works, the legal challenges and report some of the interesting findings we have done over the years.

For an example of what data and monitoring we have done see and for details/source code.


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26 March 11:15 - 11:50


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