Mastering OSGi with Ease

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Tutorial [3 hours]

This tutorial is a compressed version of the OSGi Masterclass. Its goal is to take you into areas of OSGi that are extremely useful, but seldom discovered through independent experimentation or even from reading the specifications. We cover tooling that make these features not merely painless but highly accessible and a joy to use.

For example, you will find out how, with just a few annotations, you can build components that adapt to changes in their environment and can be configured through a rich, automatically generated admin GUI. You will find out how to automatically version your package exports and imports, manage repositories, and coordinate deployments. Learn how to simplify the assembly and deployment of applications into a variety of runtime environments using the R5 Repositories and Resolver specifications. Discover the secrets of service API design and evolution, and put them into practice.

These topics will be introduced in the background of an example application developed with Bndtools, the easy and powerful IDE for OSGi development.

This is not a low-level introduction to OSGi, and delegates will be expected to have a basic understanding of modularity, dependencies and services.

UPDATE: Thanks to everybody who attended the tutorial! I have uploaded the complete example project including solution code to Github at

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25 March 09:00 - 12:00


OSGi DevCon
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Repository has moved

Found some on github

Link on github to explore:

Thanks Neil

Final Eclipse Project link

You spoke about posting the completed project from the tutorial for use by the tutorial attendees. Can you provide the link to that?
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Hello Carl, thanks for the reminder, actually we were planning to send out preparation instructions to registered attendees this afternoon.

Yes, you will be required to install Eclipse Juno and Bndtools 2.0. The tutorial is very much "hands on".

Tutorial Prep

The description has no information about laptops or course materials. Will we be expected to have Eclipse Juno with Bndtools available for hands on use or is this a lecture only tutorial?

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