Using Koneki and Mihini for developing M2M applications in Lua

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Standard [35 minutes]

In order to make it really simple to develop Machine-to-Machine applications, projects Koneki and Mihini leverage the simplicity of the Lua programming language to provide developers with a powerful toolbox.

This talk will briefly walk you through the features that make Lua a language very well suited for M2M, and will then use a very concrete industrial use case to introduce the key features of the Koneki IDE (remote development, debugging, advanced content-assist, ...) and the Mihini application framework (I/Os abstraction, communication with the wireless modem, M2M data consolidation and efficient transmission over the air, ...).
In case you were wondering what Eclipse and Open Source can do for enabling simpler M2M development, you might be interested in knowing that not only our demo will be using Open Source Eclipse software (Koneki and Mihini), but the hardware too will be Open Source since we will use a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino!

Slides are available on slideshare:

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28 March 10:15 - 10:50


Mobile Development
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