DevOps Without Dev Is Dead On Arrival

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Standard [35 minutes]

Software applications are often the engine of business today, and to gain a competitive advantage, they need to quickly innovate and respond to change without compromising quality. To meet these needs, software development teams are increasingly adopting methodologies such as Agile to deliver software more frequently. Building and testing these applications is one challenge, but getting them into production environments is quite another.

DevOps is quickly becoming the driving force for shepherding software from the design phase through development and testing all the way into production. The business value of DevOps is profound: reducing software delivery times, improving application quality, and enhancing the productivity of the development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams. Getting DevOps right can address many of the issues developers face during the deployment process.

This session will examine what constitutes DevOps and the factors driving the migration towards it. Electric Cloud's Ashish Kuthiala will shed some light on why the DevOps journey must start from a Dev-centric approach, how organizations can leverage the value that Dev brings to DevOp, and how DevOps enhances better and earlier communication between the Dev and Ops teams, thus improving collaboration in managing the complexities of developing and delivering software applications.

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26 March 14:15 - 14:50


ALM Connect
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OK, I changed it for you.

OK, I changed it for you.

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Ahhh, thats for spotting that. we definitely intended to do a 35 minute talk. I'll change that.

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