Eclipse 4 Goes Formal: API You Can Rely On:

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Standard [35 minutes]

As more folks start wanting to do cool things with Eclipse 4 we've been getting increasing pressure to formalize our API...ok, OK !

This talk will present the official API available in Kepler. An overview will be presented for each functional area:
- The UI Model
- Dependency Injection
- CSS styling

There will also be a quick demo of how the API can be used to do some funky stuff in the Eclipse IDE.

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26 March 13:30 - 14:05


Eclipse 4
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Thanks for the feedback.

I've just tried to upload my slides and the code I used for my demos but it's too large (all those screen caps...;-). I *will* attach both once I get back to Ottawa and have better connections and have time to convert the slides into a PDF.

I'll try to remember to email you once they're there. If they don't show up by early next week email me at emoffatt@ca,

Where can i get the slides for this talk

Attended yesterday, found the talk to very helpful. Can someone please point me to where i would be able to get the slides for this presentation

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