Xtext - More Best Practices

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Standard [35 minutes]

From small domain specific languages over newly designed, grown-up programming languages or 'just' IDE support for existing ones - the Eclipse Xtext framework can be applied to a variety of use cases. But even though language development became incredibly straight forward with Xtext, crafting a high quality IDE requires some fine-tuning at the right places. In this session I will outline more best practices with Xtext and language design in general.

While I covered mostly topics around the grammar and to some extend about scoping, validation and content assist in last years first take on Xtext - Best Practices, I'll deep dive into some other corners of the framework in this session. Being it appropriate usage of the indexing mechanism or advice when thinking about using Xbase - new and interesting tips, hints as well as in-depth technical knowledge are to be expected from this talk. If you already did your first (and second) steps with Xtext and wonder how you shall proceed after you got your first prototype up and running, this session is for you!

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28 March 11:00 - 11:35


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