High Quality Agile - Incorporating Quality into Your Agile Process and Organization Means Working Faster and Smarter

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Standard [35 minutes]

Your executive management is pressuring you to adopt Agile. You've heard that Agile does get your software built faster with fewer resources, but you've also heard that there is no way to maintain a high standard for quality assurance when you're doing continuous releases. Agile development has been widely adopted in order to get more features to market in a reduced time, so what does that mean for quality assurance in an Agile environment? You don't have to trade quality for speed anymore - here are some strategies for having your cake and eating it too:

1. Establish minimum acceptance tests early in the process
2. Enforce a mandatory test case review before the testing phase begins
3. Don't stop there - insist on mandatory code reviews
4. Make functionality trade-offs, not testing trade-offs
5. Let QA be the gate for the release
6. Establish a feedback loop with Operations and Support

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27 March 13:30 - 14:05
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