Can't Live with It, Can't Live without It: Test Strategies for Agile Teams

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Standard [35 minutes]

A hard truth: without continuous testing, Agile delivery isn’t possible. Yet ask any QA Director whose team has recently engaged in Agile projects how test automation is being leveraged, and you’re likely to see her close her eyes and wish herself somewhere else. It’s an understandable response. Since automated testing requires an investment in designing and developing the framework and scripts, the payout is usually highest when applied to mature (read: stable) applications – not exactly the typical state of an application in the second sprint. And the composite nature of most modern applications only make things harder.

This session reviews some of HP R&D's own best practices for test automation and exploratory testing in Agile sprints, and doesn't shy from the additional challenges imposed by composite architectures.

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27 March 15:00 - 15:35
Back Bay


ALM Connect
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