Virgo Nano Web, the enterprise ready Eclipse server

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Standard [35 minutes]

OSGi Enterprise specification provides OSGi equivalents for many of the enterprise technologies. In Eclipse these are implemented by the Gemini projects.

However, what to do in case of a large legacy enterprise Java application using EJBs, JPA, dependency injection and transactions and we want to run it in an OSGi environment? OSGi-fying it won't help - on one hand this would be a time consuming process, and on the other - not all of these technologies are included in the OSGi Enterprise spec.

But still - this is exactly the scenario which many companies out there have faced already. This session will introduce Virgo Nano Web server in Eclipse. It provides all the above mentioned functionality, while being at the same time a fully modular OSGi environment where OSGi modules are running natively.

Join our session to find out how you can run without any modifications your enterprise Java app in Eclipse Virgo Server.

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26 March 15:00 - 15:35


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