Your custom modeling environment definition made easy. At last!

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Standard [35 minutes]

This talk introduces a powerful, field-proven technology allowing the easy and rapid development of custom modeling environments. Both simple enough to be exploited by non-EMF experts and compliant with the international standard for architecture descriptions of systems and software, this technology provides:

• Different highly-customizable kinds of representations, such as diagrams with filters and layers, tables and trees;
• Model lifecycle management with an integration in the Eclipse workspace;
• Advanced extension capabilities.

For more than 4 years now, this technology has been deployed and improved in operational and intensive contexts. It already is a central piece of several commercial products, and in Thales, is at the core of model driven engineering tools used in different domains such as Avionics, Space, Transportation, Radars and Communications.

We will describe the kind of challenges this technology has helped solving and how its application in industrial projects has contributed to achieve a great level of reliability. Our presentation will consist in use cases, stories and live demos.

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26 March 13:30 - 14:05


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