Continuous testing with Jubula – where the rubber meets the road!

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Standard [35 minutes]

You've got software. You've got a list of features to implement. You've got some automated tests. You've got upcoming releases. The only glue that is going to make this scenario work is Continuous Integration. When you're adding and changing functionality, knowing what your changes are doing to your quality on a daily basis can be the difference between a successful release and a horrifically painful one. A project team needs to be able to make qualified decisions based on quality information at any given time, which is why you’ve got to hit the road (the application under test) with the rubber (the automated tests) as often as possible!

In this session Markus will give a full technical walk-through of all the necessary steps to setup Jubula tests in various continuous integration scenarios.

After starting with a super-quick overview of Jubula's concepts and architecture for any Jubula "newbies" in the audience, Markus moves onto a live walk-through of the necessary steps to get Jubula and Hudson playing well together. On the way, we'll look at topics such as:

- setup, maintenance and teardown of the test environment
- useful Jubula tools, configurations and settings
- Hudson options to optimize scheduling and test distribution
- making the whole system work for more complex test scenarios such as testing multiple AUTs and projects on various architectures and operating systems.

This talk is designed to give a detailed technical road-map for successful continuous testing with Jubula.

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26 March 11:15 - 11:50


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