Stop throwing your doc away: Agile Documentation with Mylyn Intent

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Standard [35 minutes]

Documentation sucks because most of the time it's outdated: it never reflects the recent changes you made on your software, and sooner or later no one will trust (and hence read) it anymore. In result, you often have to throw it away and rewrite a new documentation almost from scratch.

By providing tooling to efficiently update documentation when a change occurs (in your models, your code...), Mylyn Intent gives to your documents the abillity to react to changes, turning them into true Agile documents.

Moreover, Intent provides advanced tooling to write/query your documentation with everything you would expect from a modern IDE (completion, quick-fixes, quick-outlines to browse through documents...). Icing on the cake, you can also collaborate in real time to write your documentation, preventing you from sending documents through mails or handle SVN conflicts.

It's 2013, and one can expect more than an outdated, non-IDE integrated documentation exchanged through mails or SCM tools.

Attend this talk to discover:
- How to use Intent to quickly create meaningful Design documentation
- How to use Intent to keep this documentation up-to-date whith changes made on your software
- How to collaborate in real-time around your documentation tasks
- What features did we add to fulfil the community needs

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28 March 11:00 - 11:35


ALM Connect
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