Business Process Modeling, UI Mashups and Web Application Integration with Orion and Stardust

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Standard [35 minutes]

The session will introduce the browser-based BPMN2 Editor of the Stardust Project and demonstrate how business process modeling, development of web screens for interactive process steps, integration of Web Services and deployment into a BPM runtime environment can be performed with and from Orion.

Process modeling will be performed with a full-featured, browser-based BPMN2 Editor which is integrated with Orion via Orion's Plug-In concepts.
This BPMN2 Editor is part of the Stardust Project. It uses HTML and JavaScript technologies for implementation and stores Process Models by means of the BPMN2 Metamodel Project.

The session will briefly explain architecture and implementation of the browser-based BPMN2 Editor and then show an end-to-end scenario where a process flow is created, Web Services and UI screens developed in Orion are connected to the process flow, the process flow is deployed to a runtime environment and is executed - all from a single Orion development environment connected to distributed deployments of the BPMN2 Editor and Process Execution Runtime provided by Stardust.

This way a new paradigm of fully web-developed solutions based on Eclipse and Orion technologies is introduced.

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28 March 15:00 - 15:35


Web Development
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