The Art of Java Performance Tuning

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Standard [35 minutes]

Performance tuning Java is as much an art as it is a science. Understanding the intrinsic performance characteristics of method calls, heap allocations, and casts is essential for developing efficient code at the micro level. Understanding the overall performance of applications as a whole is essential for developing efficient algorithms at the macro level. It's critically important in all cases to measure in several different ways and to double check that those measurements are consistent. It's also critical to beware of the JIT effect: many things get faster with repeated use, even to the point where some things are simply free. In this presentation I will share my experience with performance tuning EMF and EMF-based applications specifically; the insights gained have broad application.

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26 March 10:30 - 11:05


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Note that I've uploaded the slides and including the following link to the source for the benchmark harness: which contains all the benchmarks I measured for the presentation.

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