Making Agile ALM Work in Regulated Industries

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Standard [35 minutes]

Agile practices may seem at odds with GRC (governance, risk and compliance). Skeptics understandably are worried about the prospect of multiple small teams working autonomously, and a resulting lack of accountability and control.
By following the right concepts, you can make Agile work effectively also in highly regulated industries such as Finance, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and Government.
In this session we will discuss how the heavily regulated industries are now coming to terms with interfacing and supporting Agile Software development methods. As the original conversations around distributed development and scaling become more mature, the second wave will be around the maturity of the conversation around two main pillars, Innovation and Compliance.
Since the late 1999s there has been a renaissance in the software development community, a shift that has been researched and spoken about extensively as a movement away from traditional phased based methods, (e.g. Waterfall) to framework implementations (e.g. Scrum, eXtreme Programming) described in the Agile Manifesto. It would be naïve to believe that this awakening has not extended to include heavily regulated industries and specifically the banking industry. According to a Forrester Research / Dr. Dobbs survey Agile and Iterative development methods are growing as the number one and number two choices for software development processes worldwide in heavily regulated industries.
As process is a very personal choice undoubtedly more and more software developers regardless of regulatory levels will move from Chaotic, Structured, and Waterfall environments to Iterative and Agile and follow the mega trending. As idea exchange continues I want to continue to challenge software developers and Compliance officers alike to reassess the conversation and build a lasting vernacular that will mature the industry.

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27 March 11:15 - 11:50
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This is an emerging topic within the Agile and Agile ALM, ALM2.0+ space. As such - I hope to foster some thought and discussion. Please do leave any questions around content below.


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