No Stone Unturned - The journey of getting from one release a year to Continuous Delivery

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Standard [35 minutes]

If you reliably ship a major product release once a year, you don't wake up one morning, flip a switch and you are successfully in Continuous Delivery mode. In order to get there you fundamentally have to rethink how you plan, execute, and organize yourself. Kai spearheaded the transformation to Continuous Delivery with his Rational Team Concert development team within IBM Rational. In this talk he will describe the Continuous Delivery development process the team came up with and the thinking behind it. He will touch on topics such as backlog management, stakeholder interactions, definition of done, team organization, and what measures and indicators are being helpful. He will also share what it took to get there so that you are a bit better prepared for your journey ahead.

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26 March 16:15 - 16:50


ALM Connect
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