Looking in from the outside - Scenario-guided design, ALM and OSLC

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In 2008, the Jazz team set out on a journey to provide a world class ALM solution that allowed for loosely coupled integrations and an experience of 'surfing the ALM web of related artifacts.' In 2012, the solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management received the highest marks in the Forester ALM wave. The team achieved this transformation by having an open architecture based on web standards, building a community for open integrations, and using a user-centric, lifecycle scenario to guide our choices about the experience. By now you probably know about OSLC, linked data and REST-ful services. The story we haven't told is the technique used to provide perspective on how it all came together, which we call a lifecycle scenario.

The scenario wove a vision of people interacting on a project to achieve a common goal. This outline then inspired the user interaction design, development and testing of the solution. The technique involves capturing the vision of the solution, one path through the system that encapsulates how a team works together to accomplish a series of goals. This can can be loosely compared to a sequence of epics comprised of a sequence of user stories. What started as a vision for an 'end state' became a working model for each sprint, a specification for system testing, and resulted in demonstrations after we delivered.

Bio: Carolyn Pampino is the Program Director of Design at IBM Rational, and a co-creator of the lifecycle scenario technique described in this session. She is an ALM evangelist and member of the ALM leadership team at IBM Rational, working closely with the Jazz team leads to define the Collaborative Lifecycle Management road map and strategy. She is author of the 5 Imperatives for ALM, co-author of an eBook available from InfoQ.com titled "Scaling Agile with Collaborative ALM" and an IBM Redbook titled Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management with Rational products.

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26 March 14:15 - 14:50
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