Marketing an Open Source Project

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Standard [35 minutes]

Marketing is something we all do, whether we realise it or not. Marketing in Open Source starts when you're writing the software - who am I writing for? What will it do? Where will I announce it? I need a website! Marketing a project involves having a vision that attracts people to your project, knowing your target audience and how to reach them, and tailoring a product to meet their needs. Marketing an Open Source project also involves working transparently, providing opportunities for contribution, and setting a culture that makes people want to hang out and work to help realise your vision.

I'll give you tools to help express your vision; to identify with your target audience and deliver something they will love; and to grow your project over time. There is no magic pill, and you'll have to use the tools to see results. But there is a way of thinking about marketing which is natural, and from which good things flow, from good website design, better return on time going to conferences, and a healthy, pleasant, growing community.

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26 March 14:15 - 14:50


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