REDHAWK IDE: Eclipse as a Software Defined Radio Development Environment

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Standard [35 minutes]

To facilitate Software Defined Radio (SDR) development, the United States Government (USG) Department of Defense (DoD) has created the REDHAWK framework and IDE to support the rapid development of software defined radio applications and systems. The REDHAWK IDE, based on Eclipse, provides a complete environment for all aspects of SDR development, including: source code generators, drag-and-drop construction of applications, runtime introspection of systems, integration with debuggers, and advanced signal visualization.

This talk will provide a demonstration of the REDHAWK IDE, with an emphasis on how the REDHAWK IDE has utilized projects and technologies from Eclipse:

  • Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
  • Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) and (GEF)
  • Common Navigator Framework (CNF)
  • Rich AJAX Platform (RAP)
  • JET
  • CDT/JDT/PyDev

Along the way, we will highlight some of the unique challenges we have encountered and our solutions to them:

  • Utilizing EMF for distributed system monitoring and visualization supporting lazy loading
  • Achieving reuse for both design-time and run-time GEF/GMF diagrams
  • Single-sourcing a complex application using RAP
  • Supporting multi language development and debugging

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27 March 14:15 - 14:50


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