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Standard [35 minutes]

Building bundles is at the heart of OSGi development. What approaches and tools are available? What's different about building bundles compared to regular Jars? What are the trade-offs of manifest-first and the alternatives? We'll cover a simple project built using Maven/Tycho, Ant/Ivy/Bundlor, and Gradle/BnD, to help you compare and choose what's right for your project. We'll also have a look at what's new like the p2 resolver in the latest Ivy release. I won't be focusing on anything specific to plug-in development or the Eclipse IDE.

The speaker has many years of experience developing Virgo's Ant & Ivy build system and has worked briefly with Maven & Tycho on other projects. Gradle is relatively new, but has been successfully adopted by large, non-OSGi projects and offers support for OSGi with a bnd based plugin. How does it really stack up against the alternatives for building bundles? Sources from the demo will be available after the talk.

Get the slides here - http://slides-codersbrew-net.aws.af.cm/BuildingBundles/#/

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27 March 13:30 - 14:05
Beacon Hill 1


OSGi DevCon
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