Cloud Formation: Developing real world software, in the cloud with Orion

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Orion is a cloud based development environment for developing modern web sites. But it's more than that because it's extensible using a client side plugin architecture and it's consumable if you want to break out only specific parts of Orion to include in your web application. This tutorial guides you through creating, extending and consuming Orion.

You will start off by constructing a modern web site utilizing leading edge libraries from the community. You will extend Orion to meet your needs by adding a plugin to provide new functionality not included in the box. And finally, you'll take portions of Orion and construct a stand alone editor page you can use in posts and articles leveraging the capabilities Orion provides.

This builds upon the feedback from 2 previous EclipseCon tutorials, the most recent being at EclipseCon Europe 2012 where attendees enjoyed using Orion and creating plugins but also wanted to know about integrating or embedding Orion features into their own sites.

Requirements: Orion's only prerequisite is a modern web browser on a laptop. While it works well on mobile devices, installing a localhost version is usually done in case the Clouds are misbehaving. We recommend you arrive with a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programming.

Download before coming to the Tutorial!

We will have thumb drives with all the required software but if you have time please download Orion ahead of time.

If you have time please download the Orion 2.0 server for your operating system. Also, download the build editor files. There's more information about setting up the Orion server specifically with enabling self hosting (couple of extra steps on a Mac).

We may also dabble in the Node.js version so if you want to Install Node and once done follow the instructions for using npm to install Orion.

We'll distribute the Tutorial material at the conference.

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25 March 13:00 - 16:00


Web Development
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Material is available at GitHub

I've made my EclipseCon presentations and the Tutorial available at GitHub.

The tutorial will likely be changing over time based on feedback. It currently works best if you use a localhost version. I'd like to change it so that one could run it also from OrionHub but some of the links in the presentation are hard coded to localhost.

Tutorial material

Is there a way to publish the tutorial material for download here?

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