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Standard [35 minutes]

Do you have someone on the team who gets called about Js issues constantly?
Do you wish there was better code assist which was scope appropriate?
Do you have developers working with different versions of javascript frameworks?
Do you have globals running rampid in your js code base?
Do you have issues with dependencies between multiple js files?
Do you have issues with jsdocs not reflecting actual usage?
Do you have Java developers who can’t access your javascript api?
Do you work with JavaScript applications?
Are you curious to learn more from the lead contributor of the VJET (recently introduced as an incubator project to Eclipse foundation)?

If so this talk is for you.

You will learn more about VJET’s static analysis, advanced type inferencing using JstType, VJETDoc, and type libraries for JavaScript with real world examples. You will learn how to use different VJET capabilities from plain JavaScript to using types in the language.

If JavaScript is not your first language there are Mix n Match Java and JavaScript capabilities which allow your Java authors to work with JavaScript but still allow JavaScript developers to work in unison.

VJET is extensible and I will demonstrate some of the recent work that has been done with one of the project contributors Sencha with support for ExtJS class system for their widgetkit.

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28 March 13:30 - 14:05


Web Development
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Slides and Demo

I have posted slides on slideshare

I have done one demo and posted it on vimeo:

Use VJET headless validation with your own js editor

VJET vjo.js class system simple hello world using plunker

Other demos coming soon:
Java 2 vjo.js
NodeJS 0.10 with Eclipse code assist

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