Continuous Deployment and Testing for Mobile Apps - The Cloud Revolution You've Never Heard Of

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Tutorial [3 hours]

The emergence of PaaS (Platform as a Service) - where application development and runtime services are available on-demand in the cloud - is delivering an unexpected benefit for development organizations: bringing scale and control to the challenge of automated testing and continuous delivery for mobile applications. Apps are changing fast and enterprises need to adapt their testing strategies to keep pace: today, native iOS/Android builds define the state of the art for mobile app performance and behavior but many developers are also exploring HTML5-based alternatives. Device independence simply means more devices to test but how do you manage that, if you don't have (or want) your own private device farm? Cloud-based, automated testing and continuous deployment is the way forward and to get there, we need to extend and build on the proven, enterprise-grade Continuous Integration (CI) practices that transformed the dev/test landscape over the last decade.

In this demo-packed, hands-on session we will explore the challenges of mobile dev-test-staging for Android, iOS, and HTML5-based apps and you will learn:
· The challenges and quirks associated with each environment and the different toolchains and services available to help you out.
· Real-world practices using the Jenkins CI server and its plugin ecosystem to solve the key problems
· How to use Jenkins Matrixed Builds to address device proliferation, localization, and form-factor issues
· How to use Promoted Builds to reduce complexity and coordinate between teams.
· How cloud platforms can help you harness the complexity and take advantage of cloud resources.

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25 March 09:00 - 12:00


ALM Connect
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