Adopting Agile Methods and Open Source Tools in a Large Enterprise

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Standard [35 minutes]

Tuleap Open ALM is the first Enterprise Grade Open Source ALM.
Born on the basis of venerable, it provides all ALM features (defect tracking, source control, documentation, communication, etc) with an special focus on traceability, configuration means and process management. Tuleap is technology and process agnostic.

Tuleap helps organizations structure their way of working without settle down processes or tools in marble. With Tuleap, you propose a way of working to ease projects' bootstrap and then your teams can embrace them, modify them and spread them around.

We have heard time and time again where proprietary solutions have either taken months and even years to deliver features or not deliver at all.
Tuleap leverages on Open Source tools in conjunction with agile methods to help break this unwanted reality.

Ericsson and Enalean uses Tuleap to co-develop Tuleap itself and other products.
We will propose a real use case on how the tool helps us during our day to day tasks to address large enterprises challenges.

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28 March 11:45 - 12:20
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I added some details in the

I added some details in the abstract.

I have some slides from a previous talk I gave on a similar subject but they will need a serious rework to fit here.
Is that mandatory to have them now ?

More detail

This looks like a potentially interesting talk but the abstract doesn't provide any details about what will actually be discussed. Can you please update the abstract to include some details about what will be presented. If you have slides, feel free to attached them to the abstract.

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