Beyond Gerrit: Performing Rich Reviews with Eclipse Mylyn

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Standard [35 minutes]

Peer Code Reviews methodologies in general, and Gerrit in particular, have led a profound shift in the way we develop software. With the rapid acceptance of code reviews as an integral part of both Open-Source and closed development process, it's not a question of whether you want to perform them or not -- you don't have a choice! But while the current open source review tools are well thought out and tightly integrated into OSS workflow -- they are also limited, inflexible, and missing features that enterprises need. But more importantly, they aren't very much fun to use.

Our goal with Mylyn Reviews is to design new approaches to the review process that empower and enrich workflow, but also to create tools that you want to use. You'd never use a web-browser to develop your Java code -- so why do you still do your code reviews there? We've been working hard to bring all of the rich features that you expect in an IDE to the code reviews process. We'll demonstrate key UI improvements for the Mylyn Reviews Gerrit Connector and introduce you to new features in Reviews for Eclipse (R4E). Finally, we'll show you the progress we're making in combining the solid technology and proven workflow of Gerrit/Git reviews with the rich capabilities and user interface of R4E.

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28 March 15:00 - 15:35


ALM Connect
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Yep, no question the underlying Gerrit technology is awesome. We drew out some contrasts for the sake of a lively presentation and getting people to think critically about some really interesting social and technlogy issues and judging by the positive comments and +1s I think the vast majority of the audience saw it that way. OTOH, I see that we may have gone overboard in making some of our points, and I regret that. In any case, the value of Gerrit to the Eclipse community speaks for itself.

some clarifications...

In reply to some comments, I want to stress that the work we are doing is mainly to provide a framework that abstract commonalities in various review methodologies, and to provide an Eclipse front-end to Gerrit, under the Mylyn reviews umbrella. Another implementation will be built on top of the R4E review tool, which is evolving to become an Extension built on top of Gerrit, all the while retaining legacy functionality.

It is certainly not our intention to demean Gerrit, which in our opinion is an excellent review tool, so good in fact that we are evolving our own implementation to work with it. We merely pointed some areas where we think we can provide optional and additional functionality to make reviewing code a better user experience. We are also quite open in discussing how some of these features can maybe make it into Gerrit proper, if it would make sense to do so.

So once again I apologize if what we said could have been perceived as Gerrit-bashing. That was certainly not our goal.

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Thanks a lot to everybody who

Thanks a lot to everybody who attended the session. As we said, ideas, comments contributions are always welcomed!

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