Design your own UI description language with Xtext and Wazaabi

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Standard [35 minutes]

With most existing frameworks, describing a UI can be painful, hard to read and hard to maintain. And for each of those frameworks, the paradigm is different.

Wazaabi allows the developer to model the UI using EMF and to render it, live, using different UI platforms like SWT, Swing, or even more. Furthermore it provides a way to describe the style of the UI in separate model, like CSS does it for HTML. Including that and the capability to declare binding to a data model, Wazaabi is one of the most agile UI declaration framework.

With the help of Xtext we can create a DSL for any kind of EMF meta-model, meaning that we can develop a “Wazaabi Specific Language”. Xtext even generates a grammar automatically, but the choice of the syntaxes is close to infinite.

In this talk,I will first present Wazaabi and what are its main features, then I’ll discuss all the possibilities that Xtext offers in term of Domain Specific Language and finally I’ll demo some examples of working UI Declaration Languages created in less than an hour.

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26 March 16:15 - 16:50


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