Building a VM based Custom Application in an Agile CI Environment in a Timely Manner

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Standard [35 minutes]

When virtualization and agility intersect, there are 2 competing concerns. Agility best practices include continuous integration with a rapid build feedback loop. With virtualization - self contained, manageable and reproducible VMs are often large in size. This can make rapid creation, when application source code changes, a time-consuming task that can interfere with the need for a rapid build feedback loop.

In my enterprise solutions software product team at Dell, we have automated the creation of product virtual machines for our customers in a way that also works well with the Agile CI rapid build feedback loop. In this presentation I'll share automation strategies and strategies for application lifecycle management which enable us to stay agile.

We build OSGi and non-OSGi based software contained in Linux appliances. Since virtualization, cloud and agile methodologies are here to stay, the practical techniques you will learn here could find a place in your development shop.

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27 March 14:15 - 14:50


ALM Connect
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