Embracing Eclipse Orion

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Standard [35 minutes]

The Eclipse Orion project provides a platform for building browser-based development tooling. In this talk we will show how we re-used parts of Orion to build the Scripted code editor, an editor-centric and browser-based tool for JavaScript and web developers. We'll talk about the design decisions that led to creation of a new serverside architecture using Node.js and the challenges in getting the Orion code editor to work with it. We'll also look at how we build and maintain modules usable in Scripted and in Orion.

We will then spend some time discussing how building an editor that understands the module systems being employed in modern JavaScript applications (like AMD or CommonJS) can facilitate a great editing experience with fast navigation and excellent content assist. This will include a look at the recoverable JavaScript parser built for use in Scripted and Orion.

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28 March 14:15 - 14:50


Web Development
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