What's new in RAP 2.0?

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Standard [35 minutes]

RAP is known as a platform for running Eclipse applications on the web. But with its brand new version 2.0, released in February 2013, the project broadens its scope and opens up for other types of clients.

The 2.0 release marks the completion of an important renovation in RAP. With the introduction of an open protocol for all communication between server and client, RAP now supports other clients than the default web client. These alternative clients don't have to be browser-based. Every device with a network connection that is able to deal with JSON and to display a UI is possible. It can be a mobile application, a light-weight browser client, but also a ticket machine.

2.0 also stands for an API cleanup that was due after more than six years of development. And, as with every release, there's some interesting new functionality. In this talk, we'll give you an overview of the new and noteworthy changes and also a short outlook on our plans for 2.1.

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28 March 14:15 - 14:50


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