Modularity in the Cloud: a Case Study

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Standard [35 minutes]

Running in the cloud introduces many new challenges. How to deal with hot updates and auto-scaling for example? Modularity helps solving many of these challenges. In this presentation you will see how to create modular OSGi applications with RESTful web services, using MongoDB and cloud services such as BlobStores. You will also learn about deploying modular applications using Apache ACE and how to apply auto-scaling. Although the presentation gives real world examples, the session is highly technical and focussed on how developers could build and deploy applications with these kind of requirements.

Examples will be based on an educational system focussed on personalized learning that is currently being implemented at several Dutch secondary schools. It is highly modular and completely runs in the cloud.

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26 March 15:00 - 15:35


OSGi DevCon
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