What every Eclipse developer should know about EMF

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Many talks about e4, modeling and other topics assume you have used the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) before. But what if you haven’t? What is all this modeling stuff about? What is EMF anyway? And who is this Ed guy?

This tutorial helps you to get started with EMF. It explains the basics of EMF and shows how you can use EMF in your next project. It is a revised version of the tutorial from EclipseCon Europe 2012, where we show how to build a very simple data-centric application, including the UI, based on EMF.

We explain how to define a model in EMF and generate code from it. We explore the API of the generated code, that is, how to create, navigate and modify model instances. Then we demonstrate how to build a UI based on this model using data-binding. For our example we build an application to manage a bowling match. During the tutorial, we give a brief overview of the most important add-on technologies for EMF.

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25 March 13:00 - 16:00
Back Bay


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