OSGi Cloud Ecosystems

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Standard [35 minutes]

OSGi and Cloud Computing go very well together. Previously held OSGi Cloud Workshops have shown that many people are using or planning to use OSGi in the Cloud. This session focuses how OSGi can really help in a Cloud environment, taking advantage of OSGi's dynamism and services model.

The session will show how you can use OSGi to create a complex cloud deployment, which is made up from a number of different entities on different Cloud nodes. These entities are working together to form a logical application. This is what is being called an 'OSGi Cloud Ecosystem'.

The session shows concepts such as dynamic provisioning, dynamic discovery, dynamic scaling and dynamic failover all from the OSGi programming model. I will also talk about cloud-related specification work that is currently an active topic in the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group.

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27 March 15:00 - 15:35
Beacon Hill 1


OSGi DevCon
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