Now that I've Got a Model - Where's my Application?

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Standard [35 minutes]

Models are efficient for capturing enterprise knowledge at a high level of abstraction, independent of technical concerns. Using the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) I can generate an Eclipse editor for my model on a click of a button and instantly play with it. Once I've iterated on the model I need to develop an application around it to put it to use. Now I realize that modeling didn't eliminate any technical aspects, it just relieved me from thinking about them early.

What about the background threads that are expected to cooperate nicely with my model? What if real data are magnitudes bigger than the data I've played with? How do I store this data and broadcast changes to the other users of my application? Can I prevent multiple users from accidentally modifying the same object? My application seems to disappear behind a curtain of challenges until I discover that the Connected Data Objects (CDO) framework provides me with a sophisticated platform for the technical aspects of my model.

In this presentation I'll tell you how best to employ the runtime aspects of these frameworks to build a scalable, transactional and distributed application for your modeled data with little more than a mouse click.

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27 March 17:00 - 18:00


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Re: One hour time slot

That's awesome! I was already worrying how to compress the proven content into half of that ;-)

One hour time slot

We have tentatively put this talk into a one hour time slot. This will give you the full hour to do the talk if you need it. Please confirm this is ok for you.

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