Winning the WAR on complexity.

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Standard [35 minutes]

Pretty much every Java developer has written a WAR file and some Servlets, and most are familiar with Spring and dependency injection. Those who used these technologies together before the transitive dependency management of Maven will also be painfully familiar with how hard it can be to manage the libraries and versions of libraries inside their application. However this problem is solved, the resulting WAR files are often brittle, bloated and leave you with no idea why any given library is there in the first place.

OSGi offers the perfect modularity solution to escape this “class path hell”, but what do you do with your existing monolithic WAR files, and how do you stop them being so big? Thanks to the Enterprise OSGi Web Applications specification, moving Java EE applications to an OSGi stack is as easy as possible, even when the libraries you're using aren't available as OSGi bundles. In this session I will cover the tools and architectural principles which can be used to turn a chunky WAR into a lean, mean, extensible OSGi web application!

Whilst this session is primarily aimed at enterprise developers new to OSGi, much of the content is equally applicable to OSGi development, and is recommended to anyone looking to brush up on their OSGi principles, or trying to cope with legacy Java code in OSGi

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26 March 17:00 - 18:00


OSGi DevCon
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