Apache Karaf in the Trenches

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Standard [35 minutes]

Apache Karaf is a small, light weight server side OSGi runtime environment, that has been gaining in popularity in the Apache and OSGi community. The shift towards using OSGi environments has introduced new challenges to architects, developers, and operators in building and deploying these systems. In this session I will share some of my experiences in developing, deploying, and maintaining OSGi based software systems among Global 2000 companies targeting the Apache Karaf runtime environment.

The talk will be broken down into three sections:

  • A brief introduction to Apache Karaf
  • Best practices in deployment
  • Best practices for developing applications

I've uploaded a copy of my presentation to prezi.com:
Apache Karaf in the Trenches
From here you can view or download a copy of the slides.

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28 March 11:00 - 11:35


OSGi DevCon
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