This ALM is a confluence of parallels !

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Standard [35 minutes]

This ALM is a confluence of two high-end engineering industries – the Automotive and the Aerospace industries !
This ALM is a confluence of two successful collaborative software development models – Eclipse and AUTOSAR !

A Confluence of parallel industries

OSEE is an Eclipse based ALM being used successfully at Boeing to enable development of safety-critical embedded software in the Aerospace industry.
iCTeam is an ALM, based on OSEE, that is designed to enable development of safety-critical embedded software in the Automotive industry.

Automotive and aerospace embedded software development involves complex and intricate steps in designing, developing, building and integrating safety-critical software functions with high quality and efficiency. This eclipse-based ALM ensures seamless integration of tooling for requirements, design, coding and testing providing end-to-end traceability.
Software developers from these two industries are collaborating together in enhancing this ALM solution.

Jyothi, from Bosch, will explain how OSEE helps in enhancing engineering efficiency in the Automotive domain.
Ryan, from Boeing, will explain how OSEE is being successfully used by 350+ developers across Boeing in the Aerospace domain.

A Confluence of parallel collaboration models

ECLIPSE is a community for software developers who wish to collaborate on open source software.
AUTOSAR is a standard for embedded developers who wish to collaborate on automotive embedded software. (AUTOSAR = Automotive Open System Architecture)

The Eclipse community collaborates on building an open development platform that is leveraged in state-of-the-art software products and applications.
Similarly, the AUTOSAR standard proposes collaboration in developing the basic platform functions while promoting competition amongst OEMs and suppliers in the area of innovative vehicle functions that provide the differentiation.

iCTeam is a customization of the Eclipse based OSEE solution for the automotive domain.
iCTeam supports development of AUTOSAR conformant automotive embedded software by providing features for referencing models from requirements, managing component dependencies, continuous integration and build, testing and calibration data management.

Jyothi, from Bosch, will explain how the Open Eclipse platform is harnessed for developing software to the automotive Open system architecture standard.

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26 March 16:15 - 16:50
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