NASA uses Eclipse RCP applications for experiments on the International Space Station

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Standard [35 minutes]

Eclipse is going to space in 2013! The International Space Station (ISS) is used as a site for experiments; any software developed as part of these experiments has to comply with extensive and strict user interface guidelines. NASA Ames Research Center's Intelligent Robotics Group is doing 2 sets of experiments, both with astronauts using Eclipse RCP applications to remotely control robots. One experiment will control SPHERES with an Android Smartphone on the ISS; the other experiment will control a K10 rover on Earth.

This presentation will describe the experiments as well as the following information:
-Customizing the front end of the RCP applications to follow the user interface guidelines and not look like an Eclipse perspective
-Faking buttons to comply with non-standard button requirements
-Customizing log4j loggers to correctly log to the user interface as well as the file system
-Communicating over a network that can have long delays and loss of service

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28 March 11:00 - 11:35


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Changed track to EclipseRT

I think this talk would fit into the EclipseRT track as a great example of using Eclipse RCP. Of course it is also very cool stuff too.

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