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Newsletter: March 12, 2013

Read the final EclipseCon Newsletter here!

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  • Eclipse Community Awards Finalists

Top 5 Talks: Cédric Brun

Cédric Brun strive to build great products in Eclipse and on Eclipse. CTO at Obeo, member of the Eclipse Modeling PMC, Architecture and Planning councils, project lead of EMF Compare, Amalgam, commiter on Acceleo and Mylyn Intent.

Here are the talks he picked for his top 5:

  • You're Not Failing Fast Enough! - best practices for an agile build system
    Atlassian gave an inspiring talk about their continuous deployment pivot last year, I'm looking forward to
    this new talk which focuses more on the build/test loop. I expect to get back at work with new ideas to try.
  • EMF.Edit: the Force Unleashed!
    EMF has a lot of hidden gems and .Edit is one of them. It is often not known very well whereas it provides incredibly useful services. The way it's architectured in itself is also highly interesting and should probably be reproduced more often. You'll learn and in the end you'll save both time and code.
  • Become an Eclipse Committer in 20 min and fork the Eclipse IDE
    Always wondered how you could change Eclipse itself besides providing external plugins ? The Eclipse project being one
    of the most complex and having seen major improvements in this area in the previous couple of years, I'm pretty sure ll get back with a working example of how you can adapt your OSS project so that contributors can start hacking quickly.
  • Collaborative Modeling applied to avionic design: give wings to your team
    Working as a team using models has often been a hard problem and even sometime stopped the deployment of model driven approaches in companies. This talk is an in industrial feedback on leveraging Eclipse Modeling Technologies, EMF, CDO, and GMF to provide a seamless experience. It is based on operational deployment and should be taken seriously. Highly valuable in my opinion.
  • Building an in-house Eclipse support team
    What kind of problems do you run into when deploying Eclipse in the large ? How to support that ? Pascal is a great speaker and a skilled developer, I'm looking forward to his perspective about Ericsson's deployment - especially as a p2 guy.

New Keynote Speaker

We're pleased to announce Jeff Seibert, Director of Engineering at Twitter, as the new keynote speaker for EclipseCon! His keynote, The Future of Mobile Development will take place Wednesday morning.


ALM Connect Executive Day

Join us in Boston on March 27 for the ALM Connect Executive Day!

Co-located with EclipseCon and ALM Connect, the objective of the ALM Connect Executive Day is to provide a platform for software delivery executives to discuss modern ALM practices in the context of business problems.

Full agenda and registration details


Top 5 Talks: Ian Bull

Ian is an Eclipse committer and the Principal Architect for Yoxos Enterprise. Ian co-leads the Eclipse p2 project, serves on the Eclipse RT PMC, the Eclipse Planning Council and the Eclipse Architecture Council. His interests include software architecture, component oriented design, release engineering, human-computer interaction and just about everything related to software engineering. Ian holds a Bachelor and Master's degree from the University of Waterloo and a PhD from the University of Victoria.

You can read Ian's blog here, but for now here's an excerpt.

Top 5 Talks for EclipseCon:

  • Scaling Up JGit
    I’ve seen a number of talks about how Google structures their development infrastructure. From a single source tree holding over 2,000 projects to over 50,000 builds per day. I’m really excited to hear some of the technical details of how they manage to scale to this size. From 30Gb repositories to handling millions of Git operations per day, this talk is sure to pack a lot of stuff with very little fluff.
  • Marketing an Open Source Project
    Many of us have plenty of experience developing software, but when it comes to talking about it, marketing it, or growing a community, we often look the other way. After all, I’d rather be hacking. This talk should help give us the tools and advice to help grow our projects and the communities around them.
  • NASA uses Eclipse RCP applications for experiments on the International Space Station
    Eclipse in space! Most people know that Eclipse is a great integrated development environment. But did you also know that Eclipse is a general purpose platform for building everything and nothing in particular? In this talk, NASA will show off an Eclipse RCP application used to control robots from the ISS. Any talk about the challenges around building software for use in space sounds pretty cool to me.
  • Combining the power of IMB Watson and OSGi
    From Space to the most advanced question answering system in the world, Eclipse is Everywhere. I’m really excited to hear about how Equinox OSGi (the module system behind Eclipse) is being used in the Watson tooling platform. This is certain to be one of those talks where you shake your head and say “I didn’t know Eclipse could do that”.
  • Advanced Git: Things you need to know about Git but were afraid to ask
    As more and more projects move to Git, developers need to be comfortable with the Git revision control system. Many of us simply learned Git by example and are able to use it to do our jobs. But what happens when a push fails, merge conflicts appear, or a commit goes missing? This tutorial will help prepare developers for the rare occasions when you need to dig deep into the advanced powers of Git. I’m really looking forward to learning advanced Git usage from the experts at GitHub.

Newsletter: February 26, 2013

Exciting things are brewing!

  • Executive Days co-located with EclipseCon and ALM Connect
  • Hardware you can pre-order and bring home when you sign-up for the M2M Tutorial
  • Countdown Contest
  • Adopting Eclipse 4

Read all about it in our latest newsletter.


Interview - Bling: The GPU powered Game IDE

Tony McCrary talks about what Bling is and why they decided to use Eclipse 4 as the platform. Read the interview.


Interview - NASA and Eclipse RCP w/ Tamar Cohen

Tamar gives us more information about her exciting talk NASA uses Eclipse RCP applications for experiments on the International Space Station. Read the interview here.


Countdown Contest

To countdown the weeks before EclipseCon and ALM Connect we will be giving away an All Access Pass to four lucky individuals!
Enter Now!


Top 5 Talks: Lars Vogel

Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH and works as Eclipse and Android consultant, trainer and book author. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, as for example EclipseCon, Devoxx, Droidcon and O'Reilly's Android Open. With more than one million visitors per month his website is one of the central sources for Eclipse and Android programming information. Lars is Committer in the Eclipse 4 project and received in 2010 the "Eclipse Top Contributor Award" and 2012 the "Eclipse Top Newcomer Evangelist Award". In 2012 received the Java Champion title.

Here are the talks he has selected for his Top 5:

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