Abhijith Reddy
Achim Loerke BREDEX GmbH
Managing Director
Adrian Mos Xerox Research
Research Scientist
SOA, BPM, DSL, Modelling, Monitoring
Alberto Sillitti
Alex Blewitt InfoQ
Eclipse guru, Mac fanatic and occasional fair weather pilot
Alex Lagarde Obeo
Software Engineer
Alex Li
Alex Mason
Alexander Nyssen itemis AG
Software Engineer - GEF Committer
Alexandra Schladebeck BREDEX GmbH
Testing, usability, agile processes
Ali Hosseini CloudShield Technologies, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer
Allen Benson Fusion Alliance
Senior Consultant
Alon Mei-Raz HP Software
R&D Manager
Andre Dietisheim Red Hat
Senior Software Engineer
Programming and OpenSource at Large
Andreas Ganser RWTH Aachen University
Andreas Sewe Codetrails
Eclipse Code Recommenders, multi-language virtual machines, machine learning, Big Data
Andrew Yeung CA Technologies, Inc.
Principal Product Manager
Andrey Platov Xored Software Inc
Andy Piper Cloud Foundry
Developer Advocate, committer on Eclipse Paho
MQTT, Cloud Foundry, node, Java, Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Koneki, Arduino, sensors, messaging
Ann Mueller
Anton Arhipov ZeroTurnaround
Product Lead
Java, IDEs, programming languages, blogging
April de Vries IBM Rational
User Experience Engineer
Ashish Kuthiala Electric Cloud
Head of Product Marketing
Asuhosh Azad
Barrie Selack
Benjamin CABE Sierra Wireless
Open Source Evangelist - Koneki and Mihini project lead
M2M, IoT, Lua, Community, Koneki, Mihini, Arduino, Open-Source Hardware
benjamin davis
Bin Yan
Bob Fraser
Bogdan Gheorghe IBM Canada
Software Developer
Boris Tsirulnik SAP
brad hipps HP
Director, Mobility & Solutions
Brandon Rockhold Cerner

Sr Software Engineer
Brian Benz Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

Senior Technical Evangelist
Brian Watt
Brian Yu
Carl Davis
Carsten Ziegeler Adobe
Cedric Brun Obeo
modeling, eclipse, orion, equinox, osgi, emf, compare, code generation, graphical modeler
Chad Sereno
Chandra Prasad
Charles Bonneau EURA NOVA
Consultant in Software Engineering
EMF, Xtext, Eclipse Plugin Development, Wazaabi, Eclipse RCP Application
Chris Deschenes Architexa

Solution Architect
code understanding, software engineering, android/ios, scala, big data, documentation
Chris Frost SpringSource / VMware
Software Engineer
When not at work Chris likes learning about cool new technologies and occasionally jumps out of aeroplanes (for fun).
Christina Pasquale Compuware
Marketing Manager
Christoph Rueger Synesty
Big Data, OSGI, NoSQL, Integration
Christophe Bouhier NetXForge
Founder & Owner
EMF, CDO, JFace, Xtext, GEF, Draw2D
Chuck Bridgham IBM, Rational
Architect, Java EE Tools
Cole Markham
Independent Software Engineer
OSGi, RCP, RAP, Android, Mobile

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