The Cost of Eclipse Value

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Standard [35 minutes]

I would like to speak to the value of the Eclipse brand within the broader open source community and how I think it has both helped and hurt the Jetty project over the last few years. I would speak to both the positive and negative aspects of our experience, ideally offering some advice to projects that may be considering a similar step. I’ll focus on some of the minefields related to managing IP outside of eclipse and also once a project is within eclipse, and attempt to explain some of the more confusing aspects of policy we have run across. This is a very touchy area for a project like Jetty because we have not fit in the traditional project mold and our build, test and release systems often seem counter to ‘the Eclipse Way’. Releasing into Maven Central, managing distributions to be downloaded from, to handling third party integrations that can not exist within the Eclipse infrastructure.

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thanks for the note! and I would be open for a panel on this as well...that would be a good format

Note: This is a tough one to choose a track for, or an experience level. I understand if it has no home in the conference...just some discussions with Dave Carver and to a lesser extent Tom Watson lead me to add this proposal in.

I like it

I think this is very interesting for people driving projects at Eclipse as well as people thinking about it.
It could also be a nice topic for a panel. You should move "the note" to a comment, so it doesn't accidentally end up in the program ;-)

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