Bringing Open Source Inside: Leveraging OSS Methodologies for Enterprise Development

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Standard [35 minutes]

The open source community operates within a well-established set of operating norms that allows a broad, diverse community to build software capable of serving the most demanding needs. Recently, enterprises have begun asking what they can learn from this model to improve internal development processes. Can the open source development model work within a large enterprise? How can developers encourage this type of model on the job? What key lessons must organizations learn before bringing open source methods within their walls?

Join Andi Zink, VP of Engineering and CTO, Black Duck, as he offers key insights into leveraging proven open source processes to accelerate internal development while offering developers more opportunity and diversity. Andi will provide actionable steps about the opportunities and challenges of this strategy and map out how to get started in your organization.

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Andi Zink will be the presenter.

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Dave Gruber or Andi Zink?

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