Building an open community: feedback from the M2M trenches

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Standard [35 minutes]

When we launched the M2M Industry Working Group in 2011, we came up with the proposition of delivering all the enablers allowing the development of an end-to-end M2M solution, from the development of embedded applications to the communication with web infrastructures. It was clear from day one that in order to fulfill this promise, we would need to not only deliver actual working technology, but also to work early on building a community of early adopters, industrial users, and contributors.

This talk is an opportunity for you to get an insight of the Dos and Don'ts we learnt from our experience of kickstarting the M2M initiative at Eclipse.
We will share with you very simple and concrete advice that we think will be useful to anyone looking at making an open-source project successful: building a clear vision, being transparent, producing deliverables that make the entrance barrier as low as possible (ready-to-use IDE, developer kit, …), encouraging adoption by the industry (collaboration with standards organizations, ...) etc.

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26 March 11:15 - 11:50


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Much better now :-)

title and abstract updated

Hi PC,
I have updated the title (for the one suggested by John) and reworded the abstract to clearly state that the talk will only be about how to kickstart a successful open-source community.
Let me know if you have further questions! Thanks!


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I totally agree John, I will

I totally agree John, I will change for the title you suggest.
You probably know this already, but drupal will keep the "permanent URL" with the old name for this submission. Maybe it is worth fixing if it doesn't have impacts on the rest of the PC google docs black magic and stuff :)

Update title?

I also think it is worth generalizing the title - it could be interpreted as "how to build an open M2M community", but your lessons could likely be applied to other communities. Maybe instead, "Building an open community: feedback from the M2M trenches"

Thanks for the very quick

Thanks for the very quick feedback Sven!
That's right, it's probably an even better idea to leave aside the general M2M intro.
I can certainly rework the abstract in that direction!

More emphasise on the do's and don'ts?

I can imagine that many people are really interested in the second part, where you want to share your lesson's learned of how to successfully kickstart an open-source community but not so much in the specifics of M2M. I think the talk would be attractive to a much bigger audience if you generalize it a bit and focus more on the second part.

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