The Extended Editing Framework 2.0: the future of a project in the Eclipse Ecosystem

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Standard [35 minutes]

This is the history of a project in the Eclipse Ecosystem...

The Extended Editing Framework (EEF) project was created in 2009. with Juno, it's the fourth time that EEF offers to Eclipse users a complete tooling for creating rich editing environments for EMF models. With the spirit of previous versions, the EEF team has worked on the 1.2 release to provide an even better user experience for EMF adopters and to guarantee performance and stability for tooling based on EEF.

But the story doesn't stop here! After 5 versions of the framework and 4 years in the Eclipse Ecosystem, a brand new stream for the framework has been created. Based on the 1.X stream strengths and weaknesses, a full project redesign has been initiated. This session propose a analysis of all the aspects processed for this rework:

  • Technical evolution: Although the EMF base is extremely stable, EEF must be prepared to meet the technological challenges faced by the entire Eclipse community: e4, JavaFX, orion, ...
  • User experience: Based on its community feedback, the EEF project had to change some of its functional aspects to meet its users expectations
  • Benefits of Eclipse Projects infrastructure: Just as the EEF framework, tools offered by the Eclipse foundation to its projects have evolved, a part of this session will describe the structural evolution the project has benefit from.
  • Share with the Eclipse community: The Eclipse community is a very active community and the EEF team has improved the way to work with it!

The EEF project will enjoy to share its Eclipse Ecosystem experience with the attendees of this session!

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Same technology but not the same topic :)

This talk focuses on the EEF project, how it fits into the Eclipse community and the future of the project.

The other talk deals with the way to make modeling applications of new generation based on e4 JavaFX ... In this session, EEF is only discussed as a way to produce these applications.


Can you explain the difference between this proposal and your other one in EEF 2.0:


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