EclipseLink: Beyond Relational and NoSQL to Polyglot and HTML5

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Standard [35 minutes]

The data access requirements of today's Java applications keep expanding and EclipseLink continues to evolve to address these requirements. In this session we'll look at the new features of EclipseLink that support the construction of modern Java applications interacting with HTML5 clients on the front end and both relational and NoSQL databases on the backend.

With EclipseLink NoSQL it is now easy to read, write, and query Java objects stored in NoSQL databases. But as Martin Fowler described in his blog posting entitled PolyglotPersistence, the persistence needs of applications are evolving from predominantly relational to a mixture of heterogeneous data sources. Fortunately, with EclipseLink it
is possible to mix entities sourced from many types of databases and to navigate relationships between entities persisted in different database technologies!

Technologies on the front end have also been changing and with EclipseLink JPA-RS developers can now expose JPA mapped objects over REST to web clients as either JSON or XML. EclipseLink JPA-RS makes the development of true HATEOS applications easy. In this session we'll demonstrate how simple it is to add a REST api to your JPA applications.

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27 March 17:00 - 18:00


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I've merged the two submissions.

re: one hour slot

Yes that sounds great. Feel free to revise the abstract and title. The PC really liked the focus on Polyglot and NoSQL, but with an hour you have room to go beyond that. Either going into more detail or adding topics from the "evolution of persistence" proposal would be fine, as you see fit.

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Hi John,

We definitely have enough material for a one hour slot. We could merge the talks and adjust the abstract and name accordingly. How does this sound?


One hour slot

We have a few one hour talking time slots available. Since you had submitted another related talk, perhaps you have enough material between you for a longer talk. Let us know if this interests you.

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